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i-genius Academy provides top class training and support for social entrepreneurs and people who run or want to create social businesses.

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NEW TRAINING: Social Entrepreneur Mentoring

i-genius Academy offers individual mentoring to those who want to develop a particular aspect of their work or address something they are struggling with. If you would like support, follow these three easy steps:

Step 1:
Drop us an email on what you want help with. For instance, this could be to provide you with an over view of your business, scoping an idea, assisting with your business plan, marketing, selling to a new customer or even making a presentation and obtaining media coverage. Whatever it is, just let us know by email

Step 2: We will talk it over with you and advise you of the best support or training we can offer (typically half, one or two days at a discounted rate of £500 per day for social entrepreneurs and small firms).

Step 3: We fix a date and get started.

Tutoring can be delivered in person or via Skype.



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